Pocket Pet Services

Dedicated services tailored to the needs of pocket pets.

Pocket pets can make a great furry addition to your family. We often overlook the need for yearly health exams as these pets do not generally get vaccinations. During these exams, we will do a full check over including teeth, eyes, skin, nutrition and overall well-being. These animals are prey animals, which means they often try to hide illnesses from us. Regular health exams may help catch health concerns before it is too late. If you notice any changes in behaviour or demeanour, we highly suggest giving us a call to book an exam.

Which pocket pets do you service?

Ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and gerbils are some of the pocket pets we offer services for. If you have a pocket pet that needs veterinary care, please feel free to call the clinic today to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

What should you feed your pocket pet?

Each species has different requirements that need to be followed closely to ensure top health of your pet. Although most pocket pets have a base diet of hay, pellets, fruits and vegetables, some require specific supplements as they are unable to obtain them from their food.

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