A vaccination plan ensures your canine companion remains protected against dangerous diseases.

Vaccines are an important part of the yearly care we offer your dog at Animal Medical Centre North. They are key to preventing many diseases and extending your dog’s life. Having your animals vaccinated is one of the simplest ways to ensure a longer and healthier life. There are different types of vaccines that are used to protect against diseases.

What types of vaccinations do you offer for adult dogs?

We offer various vaccines to meet the requirements for every lifestyle. We have a general core combination vaccine for dogs (Distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus), Lyme disease, Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines.

Is there a schedule for how often a dog should be vaccinated?

Most vaccines are required to be boostered yearly to ensure that your dog’s immune system is prepared at any moment to fight off diseases.

Why is it important to vaccinate your dog?

Your dog at risk for contracting a potentially fatal disease if they are not vaccinated or up to date on their vaccines. Any time an animal contracts a contagious disease, they are also at risk of passing these diseases to other pets. For the health and safety of your pet (and others that you may interact with), it is important to stay up to date on vaccinations.

How much does it cost to vaccinate my dog?

The cost of vaccinating your dog will vary depending on what your veterinarian recommends. Please call us for prices, and we can give you a quote over the phone.

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