Dog Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is equally important for your pet as it is for humans.

Dental health is a significant part of our pet’s overall health. One of the most commonly diagnosed health problems in pets is oral diseases. At Animal Medical Centre North, we provide dental care services to help your pets live a long and healthy life.

What types of canine dental care services are offered at your hospital?

At Animal Medical Centre North, we offer dental scaling and polishing, dental x-rays and extractions. All dental procedures are done under anesthesia to ensure a pain-free and stressless procedure for your dog. Anesthesia also allows for better cleaning because your pet is not moving around and risking injury from the dental equipment. A Registered Veterinary Technologist monitors dogs throughout the entire procedure to ensure they receive proper IV fluids.

Retained baby teeth can also cause problems in dogs. Sometimes, baby teeth do not fall out on their own, which can lead to issues such as gum irritation and tartar build up. The veterinarian may recommend having these teeth extracted.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

We recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily. However, we realize that this is not always possible. Brushing even 2-3 times a week will make a positive impact on your dog’s oral health. Toothpaste comes in exciting and yummy flavours such as chicken and vanilla mint, so your dog will look forward to having their teeth brushed.

Why is oral and dental health important?

A healthy mouth ensures a healthy dog! Most dental diseases occur below the gumline where we can not see it. We recommend brushing your dog’s teeth daily and feeding them an AAFCO-approved dental diet. Regular dental care can also prevent other major health issues and help you save a lot of money over the lifespan of your dog.

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