Anal Gland Expression

A necessary procedure to prevent discomfort and potential complications caused by gland blockages.

Anal glands are not usually in your everyday conversation. In fact, many people do not know they exist! These glands are located inside the anus and are meant for lubrication and scent marking. Sometimes, anal glands can become impacted or infected if they are unable to be expressed normally. In more severe cases, they can become abscessed and burst. With that said, many dogs never experience an issue.

Should I drain my dog’s anal glands at home?

A dog’s anal glands do not need to be expressed on a regular basis unless they experience issues or have had problems in the past. We can show you how to do them at home, but we recommend bringing your pet to us to assess the quality of fluid and glands.

If my dog scoots on the carpet, does this mean their anal glands are impacted?

This is the most common indicator that a dog’s anal glands are uncomfortably full. We recommend having one of our technologists or veterinarians express them. If the fluid is abnormal or there is a concern for infection, medications can be prescribed to help. We also have a few products available for pets that have reoccurring issues.

There are other reasons a dog may be scooting, so it is always a great idea to book a visit with our team.

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