Blood Tests

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Blood tests are an excellent way to see what is happening internally in the body. Common reasons to perform bloodwork are for general check-ups, any new or ongoing concerns, before surgery and to monitor medication use and effects.

Why are blood tests important for my cat’s health?

Blood tests are important to assess internal changes early so we can catch and treat your pet to increase longevity. If your pet is on any long-term medications, it is essential to monitor changes as this could influence the dose.

How long does it take to get blood test results?

In-house blood tests can be completed with the results reported back to you within a couple of hours. Any samples sent out to a lab will take at least 24 hours.

How should I prepare my cat for their blood tests?

Preparation for your pet’s blood work is dependent on the type of test they are having done, and they may or may not need to fast. Some tests must also be completed in a specific time frame from when medication has been given or started. If there are any specific instructions for your cat’s blood test, we will let you know upon booking.

How often should blood tests be done?

Animals on specific medications are recommended to have blood work done every six to twelve months. Blood work can also be done during your annual health check or when a concern arises.

Does your hospital perform urinalysis and biopsy?

Animal Medical Centre North offers in house urinalysis, as well as sending urine out to an external laboratory. We also perform biopsy services which are sent out to the laboratory to be examined.

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