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Cat Flea Control

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that are very small. In a heavy infestation, they can jump and move around on the skin. They are irritating and can potentially spread diseases to and from your pets. Thankfully, there are treatments and preventatives for fleas.

How do I know if my cat has fleas?

Often, an animal that has fleas is very itchy. You may see your cat scratching, biting or chewing and over grooming themselves. If there is a heavy infestation, you may see fleas jumping, dried blood or dirt in the hair, hair loss and even skin infections/rashes.

Do fleas harm cats?

Not only are they very irritating, but fleas can make your cat sick. They can cause anemia (severe blood loss), skin issues (flea allergy dermatitis) and may pass on tapeworms if ingested.

Why is treating and preventing fleas so important?

Being diligent in flea prevention and treatment is important as a flea infestation is aggravating and difficult to get rid of. They survive for a long time in the environment. Eggs can be dropped and hide in corners and materials in your home.

What are some simple steps for treating fleas in your senior cat?

Keeping your cats free of fleas is as easy as keeping your cats indoors and using a preventative from your veterinarian. Cats that are outdoors, going to groomers or boarding facilities are most at risk. It is crucial that you use a product from your vet. Most over the counter products are not well regulated, and their safety cannot be guaranteed.

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Last updated: May 25, 2020

Dear Clients,

With recent changes to restrictions on businesses, we are pleased to advise that effective May 25, 2020 the restrictions on veterinary practices have been lifted. Based on these changes, below are some important updates to our operating policies.


This includes vaccines, wellness exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spays and neuters, dental services, and more!



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