Beautiful Parrot

Bird Services

Here at Animal Medical Centre North, we see many different animals including our avian friends. We even have some budgies in the lobby! Our veterinarians and support staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about your feathery companion(s).

What kind of birds do you service?

We offer services to domesticated birds. Although, if a wild animal is brought in to us, we will take all the necessary steps to get it proper care. If you find a wild bird that is injured or sick, please call your local authorities.

What type of grooming do birds require?

While many birds do not need much help with grooming or moulting, some avians require bathing and nail/beak trims. If the beak gets too long, they may have difficulty picking up and eating food. If the nails grow too long, they may have trouble grasping perches or food. Some birds also need to have their wings clipped to prevent them from flying away. Bathing and general grooming can help them stay looking their best during a moult.

What type of services do you provide to birds?

We offer beak and nail trims, as well as wing clipping as grooming services. We will also examine your birds as part of regular care or if they happen to become sick or injured.


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